Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kallenshaan Woods

In about a week, I'm hosting another one of our Sin City Woodworking meetings, and it promises to be a special one. A Las Vegas local woodworking entrepreneur, Ken Nelson, started a company called Kallenshaan Woods. If you're not familiar with the name, check out his shop.

He's coming to our next meeting to give a demo on the products he's perfected - laser cut wood pen kits. The kits start out as miniature puzzles, with a good selection of designs. Once assembled, they turn into the most amazing pens you'll ever see. Like these....

And my favorite one...

The detail is precise, thanks to his laser cutting machine, and when I visited his shop yesterday, I was treated to a very special tour. I feel like I have a decent idea about most woodworkers here in the area, but I had no idea this company even existed.

(Hat tip to Larry Yule for enlightening me!)

Kallenshaan Woods pen kits are currently being sold by Lee Valley and soon to be carried by one of the other major woodworking supply chains. Quite an accomplishment for a small business being run out of a Ken's garage!

There is an article about Kallenshaan Woods in the latest issue of Woodturning Designs magazine, in the Spring 2010 issue. Hopefully, Ken will bring some copies to give away, as well as some of the products that he makes. I hope to get a few good photos at the meeting, and will try to post something on the Sin City Woodworker's blog soon. It's sure to be one of our more popular gatherings.

Stay tuned...

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