Thursday, May 06, 2010

Big tool purchase of the year

We were all pretty excited to see the UPS guy pull up today. Even Stella was smiling.

Once a year, I try to make a decent tool investment. Last year's purchase was the SawStop, which is still paying dividends like letting me sleep at night, knowing that people who work at my shop are relatively safe while cutting wood. Oh, I know - before sixteen people write to me and tell me not to take the SS for granted - rest assured, I still keep my eye on everyone who uses the saw. No complacency in my shop!

Ever since Stave Bace of Festool USA gave that amazing tool demo a few months ago, I've been wanting a few of their tools.

Like this

and these amazing sanders

Let's not forget the tenons and extra bits.

And of course, one of my main reasons for going with the Festool system was to take advantage of their nearly dust free, integrated vacuums

which not only allows you to stack up all your systainers, but helps you store your vacuum hose and attachments. Sweet.

But frankly, the girls didn't really care about any of these features. They just wanted to play.

I'm working on a few commissions right now, and these tools are going to save a lot of time for me. But for now, I'm going to play with the girls until it's time to go to class tonight.


Rob said...

jealousy has just set in!! nice pick up of tools going. See you on Wednesday!

Julie @ followyourheartwoodworking said...

WOW it's like Christmas there! That looks like some great useful tools, let us know how you like them and what you use them for.

Jay Amundson said...