Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Progress & Prayer Flags

Every week, a little more progress is made on the new school. It's a slow process, and I'm very lucky to have some wonderful neighbors who have pitched in to help. Just a few doors down from my shop is Joe's Signs, it's a full service sign shop here in town. Joe was kind enough to set me up with some vinyl for my windows.

The inside is coming along, too. The prayer flags hanging in the tool room hopefully give us some good karma around all the machinery.

And it never hurts to remind people to keep an eye on their digits.

My next task is figuring out what to do with the concrete floor in my office and in the small gallery space. I've spent the last few days stripping off the linoleum and cleaning off the adhesive. Anyone who does that for a living has my sympathy. Now I'm doing a little research to decide what to do with the bare concrete. Staining? Painting? Etching? Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie:
Good luck with the school! Its looking great. Regarding floors: I stained our concrete floors with Soy Crete stains (soy based "acid" wash), and am quite pleased with the results. But, for a fraction of the cost, check this out: http://www.cathy-moore.com/house/stain.html This is how I will do my next staining project! All the best,

trovato said...

Are you familiar with the garage journal site? They have a "flooring" section that you might find interesting. Some people have real working garages and others have show places. Lots of info on epoxy, but also other alternatives, even porcelain tile. Find it here:
Go to the forum, then "flooring".


Jamie Y said...

Thanks for the link, Steve. I'll check it out. I've already looked at the Soy-Crete stains mentioned above, and they're WAY cool.

There's a great book called Garages by Kira Obolensky that features some of those amazing spaces like you mentioned.

Does it count that I used to park my Harley in my living room? :)