Sunday, June 07, 2009

Furniture repair

Families with toddlers have my sympathy. Every bit of it. I remember a few years ago, I was at a client's home, measuring their dining room so that I could design a sideboard for them. They had a gorgeous home, modern and custom, and were filling it entirely with custom built pieces.

They were particularly proud of their kitchen table, a custom piece in fumed Cherry with stainless steel mesh accents. So they urged me to take a look at it, especially the aprons and underside, where the maker had included some very special details. As I crouched down to see the piece, I noticed a huge smear of peanut butter down one leg and all across the meshwork.


I can relate. Well, not really with peanut butter. But you probably know we have a puppy around the house. Life with puppies isn't for for weak of heart. Oh, the housebreaking went fine; it's the chewing that bothers me.

This is a leg on one of the dining room chairs that I made. If you read reports of a small tremor in the Las Vegas desert last week, that was probably me losing my mind when I noticed this.

Of course, when you have a face like this, you tend to get away with a lot of things that normally wouldn't be tolerated.

Thank god I know how to repair and refinish furniture.

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