Sunday, June 22, 2008


A long time ago, I worked with a woman who had a make believe language that she frequently used. You know- the kind of thing that you occasionally hear about with twins, or some remote tribe. I'm pretty sure a few of her genes had been rotated through some close family members. That probably accounted for her uniqueness.

Which reminds me of the wedding reception I attended in West Virginia, where they served moonshine, but that's another story.

If nothing else, she made time
on the job pass quickly.

I'm bringing this up because, once, she told me that she had a folder in her filing cabinet
labeled "MBS", which I found completely amusing. I could barely wrap my head around the fact that she even had a filing cabinet in the first place.

But when she told me that MBS was the official designation for all the Miscellaneous Bull Shit that she needed to file, but didn't know where it belonged - well, I knew I would store that gem away for a later date. Like now.

So - here's my official MBS list, I haven't included something like this in a while.

1 - File this in the "I thought
MY neighbor is the biggest idiot I know" folder, straight from Craigslist. (This doesn't let my neighbor off the hook, by the way.)

2- Speaking of neighbors, you NEED to check out this site. I was going to post something about my neighbor on this site, but then someone suggested that if I ever wanted to sell my home, no one would want to buy it. So that nixed that idea, but... oh, the stories I could tell....

I think the Skank Alert on that site is particularly informative. :)

3 - Last summer, I planted two cherry tomato plants, only to have the garden overrun with those funky tomato hookworms. It must be something from a past life, but those things creep me out.

I tried every method I could to get rid of them, eventually resorting to something totally disgusting. Honestly, I felt like a serial killer last summer. This year, I'm going to try to embrace the process.

This Etsy artist is on the right track. I love, Love, LOVE her work.

I hope someone reminds me next spring to skip the tomatoes. It's occurred to me that it might be a lot simpler to simply buy some tomatoes at my local Farmer's Market.

In fact, I still have 15 pounds of tomatoes in the freezer from last year, and don't know what to do with them. I'm not sure they're worth all this attention.

Why do we do these things to ourselves?

4 - This column is completely inappropriate and politically incorrect, but never fails to make me laugh. It's from Las Vegas CityLife newspaper, which lends new meaning to the phrase "truth in journalism." Sign up for the weekly feed and join the multicultural revolution.

5 - Let's file this in the "I don't think I'll be going to a picnic at your house" folder.

6 - I received a letter from LL Bean today, it was a bit of a shocker, but a nice one. See, a few months ago, someone told me about a Catalog Choice, a website that helps to remove your name from catalog mailing lists. I think I counted 60 catalogs that I opted out of receiving - enough is enough! I don't even look at catalogs any more, they go straight in the trash or recycling. What a waste.

Anyway, LL Bean was the only company that wrote me a letter, saying that they had removed my name from their mailing list. Nice. At the bottom of their letter, they quoted their founder - "Above all things, we wish to avoid having a dissatisfied customer."

Even though I really don't wear their gear anymore, reading that comment from them makes me want to shop at their store again.

Well, sort of, but not really.

7 - An amazing duet.

8 - Maybe it's the price of gas or the over the top consumerism, but I've jumped on the "Buy Local" bandwagon. In fact, I've started shopping at the local Farmer's Markets here, where I can buy anything from fresh bread to produce, great kettle corn to rib dinners. All from local sellers, what could be better? If you're tired of buying produce that's trucked in from 900 miles away, maybe you should look for a farmer's market in your town.

9 - I know this site has been around for
a while, but every now and then, I get hooked on it again. PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard.

It's like legal voyeurism.

And finally ...

10 - If you've followed this blog, you know I've mentioned Bri, of the food blog "Figs with Bri." Bloggers across the world (yes, the world) have joined efforts to raise money for her, as she fights not only cancer, but financial terrorism inflicted by insurance companies. I'm thrilled to announce that her fundraising goal was met, nearly three weeks ahead of schedule.

But speaking of cancer and fundraisers, my sister in law is in the fight of the century, battling gastric cancer. Debbie just started her 4th round of chemo this week, and while she remains upbeat, it's very difficult, both physically and mentally. We have a LiveStrong fundraising campaign going on, I hope you'll take a minute to look at our page and maybe even give a few bucks.

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