Friday, May 30, 2008

Potsticker platter

A few posts ago, I included a picture of a Waterfall Green glazed plate.

It's a glaze that took nearly a year and a half to achieve, and I've started using it on some tiles that I'm currently making. If all goes well, I plan on making a video showing how I make the tiles, as well as how I inlay them.

The key phrase in that last sentence is..."if all goes well" because you know how things crop up that are totally unexpected. Like company. Or a backache.
Or a sick pet.


Until I get that video finished, here are a few more pictures of that green glaze. This platter is a Potsticker platter that I designed a few years ago. This platter was made (and fired) about a week ago.

The kiln gods have been particularly kind to me lately.

It has a small dipping bowl formed within the plate, requiring feet to raise it so the bowl can be flush with the plate surface. See, a lot of potters make platters like this, but with a bowl sticking up from the top surface.

Why be normal?

(On a related note, if you love Potstickers, you might want to check out Stuart Chang Berman's amazing book - Potsticker Chronicles. After I bought it, we had different potstickers every night for a week!)

(On another unrelated note, WTF is up with Blogger tonight? The fonts are all screwy, no matter how many times I edit this, I can't get all the type to match. Screw it.... complain to Blogger for me!)

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