Friday, May 02, 2008

Blowing off work...

This is a difficult post to write, I've been putting it off for about two weeks.

But it's finally time to gather my thoughts and get it done.
First, I totally blew off working yesterday and headed to Red Rock Canyon for some hiking.

Any one who knows me probably just blew coffee out their nose; hiking is just about last on my list of favorite things to do, along with going to the dentist and pulling weeds in the yard.

But it was nice.

(How does a tree grow right out of a huge boulder?)

Tranquil and relaxing.

Even physical and challenging, which I needed.

See, there is a bit of a crisis going on in my family, and distractions are good. My sister-in-law, Debbie, was just diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer. She's one of those great people you meet in life - funny, beautiful, SMART
smart, everything you could ask for in a relative. Three great kids.

As you can guess, everyone in the family is having a rough time wrapping our heads around the thought that Debbie is so sick. She does everything right in life - eats well, doesn't drink or smoke, you know... she actually listens to all the stuff the doctors tell you NOT to do.

And still, Debbie is fighting for her life.
This website, Trekking for Debbie, was started in an attempt to raise funds for Lance Armstrong's LiveStrong foundation. You know the cute little yellow rubber bracelets you see?
That's the one.

There's a picture of Debbie on the Trekking for Debbie website, as well as a few updates from her. Even if you don't want to donate, I hope you'll check it out. And if you do decide to donate, that's very cool, too. Oh - that's me in the picture... I'm the hiker with the
yellow rubber bracelet. The one trying to wrap my head around all of this.

Keep us all in your thoughts.

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