Monday, February 18, 2008

Tan, rested and ready to jump back into the studio...

Went to Hawaii for a much needed dose of inspiration, good food, and good company. Did some hiking, which is about as foreign to me as astrophysics. Here's a short video of me crossing a raging stream. Don't believe the smile on my face; the bridge was terrifying and the stream below had swelled, due to record amounts of rain. Normally, this stream is small and you can cross it by hopping on a few rocks.

This is the first time I've played around with putting a video on this blog- it's a humbling experience, trust me. The sound is hard to control, the editing is even more difficult, and on top of all that, this clip makes my legs look like sausages! They say that film adds 15 pounds to everyone, but no one mentioned the height compression factor. Oy!

I suspect much of my upcoming work is going to reflect some Hawaiian influence. The islands are filled with tribal art, ancient petroglyphs, and some incredible artists.

One of my all time favorites is Joelle Chicheportiche-Perz, who has been living in Hawaii since 1982. This piece is simply incredible, this picture doesn't do it justice. It's a solid block of Purpleheart wood, carved and painted in the most exquisite detail imaginable. Her work never fails to inspire and surprise me. If you visit her website and click on the"new work" tab, you'll see some fascinating information about her new work that explores her unique combination of oil paint on carved wood.

Viewpoints Gallery
is a must see for me during every visit. And just a few steps from the lovely glass studio - Hot Island Glass.

Is it too early in the day to make a mai-tai?

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