Friday, March 02, 2007

These are some lovely test tiles that were unloaded from the kiln yesterday. The blues are vivid and gorgeous, and best of all, this doesn't seem to run on vertical surfaces.

I tested this on 3 different clay bodies, it looks best on a dark clay. On porcelain, it's muddy and yellowish, and reminds me of bodily functions that are best forgotten.


Jason said...

Simply amazing!

Anonymous said...

Your waterfall blue is incredible!
I am curious about the colorants you added.

Jamie Y said...

This recipe is based on the Waterfall Brown recipe in the book- Mastering Cone 6 Glazes. The base formula contains four ingredients; if you own the book, you'll know the percentages of each. Add to that base- 5% Red Iron Oxide and 1% Rutile and you'll have the recipe for this particular glaze.

It fires quite differently from clay body to clay body. I like it best on a darker body, and least on porcelain.