Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I've been getting some amusing e-mails, asking why I keep writing about ceramics on this wood blog. Let me try to explain...

I love woodworking, but in an attempt to add color to the pieces I build, I've found that the best way is by adding ceramic tile. While much of my focus has been on tile making, I'm discovering that the process of glaze making is quite interesting.

Who knew!?

Formulating my own glazes allows me to add a dimension to my work that is simply amazing. It compliments the wood, much like adding paint to a canvas. Speaking of that, if you look on my website, on the "Custom Tile" page, you'll read about "Doug's Table," one of my favorite pieces. It's pictured here.

Doug was a painter who commissioned me to build a table to display a painting of hers. The painting is protected by a sheet of tempered glass; the table is completely functional. Complimented by the colors in her painting, the mahogany glows. This piece is stunning.

So adding tile isn't the only way to add color to furniture, there are many options. I've experimented with milk paints, worked with aniline dyes, and dabbled in inlay, but I keep going back to the one I like best - handmade ceramic tile.

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