Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Ready for a spoon carving class?

It seems like everyone is coming out of their winter shell and showing up at the woodshop to work on Saturdays.

The Live Edge TableMaking class is building some amazing (and huge!) pieces, 

and the sawdust has been flying everywhere. 

In between all the classes, commissions and commotion (I swear, I didn't plan all those C's...) I've been longing to work on smaller things. I was particularly inspired by this spoon made by EJ Osborne,  I saw it on Instagram and was mesmerized. Check out his work here - @hatchetandbear

 It's so simple, yet gorgeous.

 So I started fooling around with some Sassafras scrap that I had in the shop. It smells so amazing, and it's wonderful to carve. I finished this set of left and right handed soup spoons in an afternoon, and ...

That pulled me down the rabbit hole, where I ordered special spoon carving tools and well... 

I think it's time to host a spoon carving class! 

Here are two books to get you started in the right direction...  I will be using these as texts for the class.  Any thoughts?


Bloom Tribe said...

Sign me up~

Vegas Lupe said...

Thank you for announcing the class, Jamie! I just sent you a $50 deposit to reserve a spot. I am not traveling anymore, hence I am available for any classes that I have not taken.

Be well. Thanks again.

Mary Jane said...

Jim and I would both be interested in taking this class, for sure!