Saturday, October 01, 2016

Sweata Weatha ... thank god!

It's about time!

Before the new session of classes started, I managed to sneak away to the beach for a few days. As always, it was nice to sit in the sand and contemplate life.  

But that break was short-lived (as usual)  and ever since, the shop has been busy, filled with student's projects, customer repairs, and last minute commissions. The bookcase class is sailing along - with some interesting projects being built by these (mostly) novice woodworkers.

The repair work keeps piling up, like these high chair arms that have seen better days! 

I swear, no two days are the same - one morning will find me replacing the blades on the jointer, and then the phone will ring and the next thing I know - 

I'm building something for a convention in town. 

This display pedestal was one of those quickie projects that go by in a blur. Speaking of blur, I totally want to buy one of these Copenhagen Wheels...

Finally - it's time to get some projects off of my plate. I'll be finishing up three commissions in the next few weeks and hopefully start the year with a clean slate.  At least that's the plan! 

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