Thursday, September 01, 2016

Doing the woodshop shuffle...

As my friend Julie up in Canada says - I get the coolest projects!  Like this motorcycle seat I'm working on, 

or this petrified wood table that is on the bench right now. 

(More about that later....) 

I've just wrapped up teaching the busiest session I've ever had - with great students who were filled with creativity. It's pretty awesome to give someone a one-on-one lesson on the tablesaw and watch their confidence explode. 

For me - that's what teaching is all about. 

But in addition to all of that, I've had some ridiculously fun projects come across the bench - like this sword that a local metalsmith made for his wife. 

He wandered in, in need of a better handle than the one he made. 

The tang of the sword was beefy and tapered, 

so I laminated a blank of wood that fit the tang perfectly. After turning it, I drilled a few holes, to pin the two pieces together. 

The swordsman eventually used some threaded rod for the pin, and alas... this project was in-and-out of my shop in a matter of days. Sometimes things happen so quickly - I don't have a chance to see the finished product.

But... wait'll you see what Denny and I did recently - when someone came in with this old faded picture from the Korean war...

Stay tuned!

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Julie @ followyourheartwoodworking said...

It is all very cool! And you always do such a great job, whatever challenge you get.

From your friend in Canada!