Saturday, April 02, 2016

This would totally ruin my day....


Rob said...

"this would totally ruin my day"
and your car..
and your pants..
and your car seat..

just to name a few more things!

Vegas Lupe said...

I love historical trivia particularly stories that are related to my interest in magic, magicians and variety arts. This accident reminds me of a Russian magician called Anastasios Kasfikis. After the Russian revolution of 1917, he traveled around Europe with a Greek passport. He had a huge magic show with illusions. The highlight of his show was the "Buzz Saw", where a woman was put into a box, sawn in half with an huge buzz saw (large circular blade operated with a motor), and magically restored.

During a trip to Spain in 1934 he lost control of his van an crashed the car. The blade slid, and he died instantly as it decapitated him.