Thursday, February 18, 2016

It's never boring in my shop...

It's hard to believe this is my tenth year of blogging. 

I'm not sure where the time went, but I do know that I've worked on some really amazing projects. 

Like this Wheel of Fortune, which might be one of the most romantic Valentine's Day gifts ever. 

The gentleman who ordered this for his wife put the names of cities around the world on this wheel. When she spun the wheel, he'd buy airline tickets to the city that won - anywhere from Paris to Rio to Honolulu. 

Like I said... romantic!

I recently had the chance to work on some very cool Mid Century Modern Sectional Sofa pieces; they reminded me of the old Dick Van Dyke TV show. The cushions sat very low to the ground, almost difficult to get out of, so the owner asked me to raise them up about 6". 

Call me "Legs R Us"...

New legs made all the difference in the world!

These pieces are quite in demand by collectors, and from the research I've done,  the designer was a stud back in the day. 

Note the simplicity of this design, and its modularity, as well. 
Very Cool.

You can configure the seats and table tops to any desired position, depending on your room layout. Working on it gave me all kinds of inspiration for a future piece to build. 

These pieces needed a little TLC and some small repairs to get them back into shape, but I believe that they're now back to what the designer had in mind.

I don't take on a lot of repair work, because it's hard to tell what you're getting into... there can be some major headaches, like locating missing hardware, or trying to remove broken screws. But on this particular job - it was both enlightening, and rewarding. 

In other words, I got lucky on this one!

Speaking of unique orders, wait till you see what I'm working on next!...

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