Friday, December 18, 2015

Need a quickie (gift?)....

Have you noticed my blogging has been a little slow lately? Holiday seasons are always like this for people who create! That's the good news/bad news part of life for artists - everyone wants things made by Christmas. Seriously, I had a woman call me the other day  (on December 16th!) and ask if I could build a dining table by New Years Day.


Looking for a quick and easy gift, with some personalization added in? One of my students has an Etsy shop, where she sells these personalized travel coffee cups. I'm constantly running errand with a cup of coffee, so I'll use this cup all the time - the lid is great for not spilling java all over my truck!

In fact, she gave Denny and me a set, with the woodshop logo on them. (I "borrowed" his, since he's not much of a coffee drinker.)

I'm all about the hands -  we have them on the walls and in various places around the shop to remind us of several things - how important it is to keep them safe and out of harm's way. 

An old woodworking buddy of mine lost two fingers around Thanksgiving in a nasty tablesaw accident. Suffice it to say - hand accidents scare the hell out of me! So constant reminders keep us on our toes.

These coffee cups made my day! If you're looking for a quick and personalized gift for someone, check out Sarah's Etsy store here:  

I suspect if you're local, you'll be able to work something out and have them in a day or two... tell Sarah I said Merry Christmas!

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