Monday, November 09, 2015

Yes, I love IKEA...

Is it wrong to admit I love IKEA? 

 I know, I know - most of their stuff is built with the worst of materials - particle board, vinyl wrapped crap, etc. 

But damn - their lines are so clean and the designs are so smart. I just love this contemporary version of a grandfather clock, complete with bookshelves underneath. 

 This footstool is so ergonomically gorgeous and simple. 

 Even though it's hard to tell from my lousy photo, this dining room table's lines are gorgeous and really well proportioned. 

 I have a friend who is decorating her niece's bedroom with a button theme - how cool would this rug look in that room?! 

Say what you want about it - IKEA is a pretty cool concept of a store, it's just a shame that their quality isn't up to par. Imagine if they had a "real wood" line of furniture... something like that right put me out of business! In fact, when a customer has requested it - I've built whole bedrooms full of furniture based on their designs, only out of solid wood. And better joinery. And better finishes. And well... you get the idea. 

I absolutely LOVE this IKEA hack... Check out this very cool bedroom design.

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Vegas Lupe said...

With today's economy, what is not to love about IKEA? It is a step up above the Walmarts and K-marts of the world, and their design choices are pretty smart. IKEA was my go to place when I was a starving student. From my cinder block/wood plank setup as bookshelves and saw horses/door desk model, I remember upgrading to four IKEA bookshelves. I never got a desk though... I was constantly moving, and the bookshelves could be pulled apart and reassembled. Lately, it is a luxury for most of us to have the wherewithal to afford nice, quality things. At least if many cannot afford the materials, through shops like IKEA they can afford a little beauty to surround themselves and their lives. That illusion is not bad at all.