Friday, July 10, 2015

Las Vegas, a woodworking mecca?

How in the world did it get to be the middle of July already?

We just wrapped up a very cool Advanced Cutting Board class. This isn't your typical "let's route a profile on a board and call it art" class - this is a "hardwoods on steroids" kind of class. 

Oh sure, there are some amazing cutting board plans/projects out there. Like this and these.  Those are beautiful too. But we like to come up with some unique ones, so that your friends or family will ask - how the hell did you make that!?! 

(Or better yet - can I buy that?)

The one that we call a Confetti board kind of boggles the mind. No pattern, no repetition, just hundreds of pieces of wood. 

We should hold a contest to see who can guess the number of pieces of wood in that   board!

This one is a particularly beautiful creation. You can't believe how nicely she sanded this! 

We also played around a bit with bent lamination, making curved boards. 

Kate said her curved board  reminded her of this Berlin sculpture. 

I've been on a break all week, but working hard to wrap up a couple of commissions,  like this chair, one in a set of six. 

I'm also enjoying all that this summer has to offer  - Lupe's eggplant that went from this

 to this!

 And the amazing nectarines - from the tree 

to the kitchen 

to the oven.

Of course, Stella helps out a great deal.

We're even enjoying some rain!

  The upcoming AWFS show is about 12 days away, and of course, I'll be blogging from the Convention Center, posting info about new tools and woodworking gear. I'm attending a Bessey Clamp meet and greet, as well as a lecture given by John Bassett, III. I have his book on my nightstand right now, and it's fascinating!  Check this out:  

 AWFS Presents Special Guest Speaker, John Bassett, III
Portrayed in the New York Times bestseller, “Factory Man,” by Beth Macy
AWFS-CONFERENCE--john-bassett AWFS welcomes industry veteran John Bassett, III, to share his personal story of waging — and winning! — a battle against China’s dumping of cheap furniture into the American market, saving hundreds of domestic jobs and demonstrating the strength and resiliency of American business . Come and learn from this third-generation furniture manufacturer and enjoy his dynamic and astonishing tale.

My buddy Jimmy Clewes will be participating as well!

Curious About Woodturning?
Booth 5717 • Daily Demonstrations at 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.
The American Association of Woodturners (AAW) will be offering live lathe-turning demonstrations all through the show. Stop by to watch and learn more about this dynamic and rewarding craft. Featured demonstrator Jimmy Clewes, an internationally-recognized instructor and woodturning expert, will be demonstrating innovative and exciting turning techniques. AAW is also a host of the Turning to the Future student exhibition.

Like I said - Las Vegas is turning into a woodworking mecca!

A place that attracts many vistors. The centre of culture and activity in urban spaces. 

 I hope your summer is as enjoyable as ours! 

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