Monday, May 11, 2015

Who cut the cheese...

One of my favorite classes to teach is coming up – Advanced Cutting Board Techniques.

 Sometimes people think that cutting boards are overdone, that any Joe can make one, which is true.

But I look at them as little pieces of art. 

Some people look at them as juggling aids. 

We've had a couple of mishaps with chisels, but that's all part of the fun journey.  (She is a chef, so she's used to fingers with band-aids!)

You can apply all sorts of new techniques and designs into a board, it's good training for bigger projects. 


Proper lamination? 

Grain matching and alignment issues? 

You can learn it all by making a board, and everyone tells me that their family and friends all drop hints about wanting one.  

I mean– we all have to eat, right?

I keep a few finished boards around at all times, and whenever I go to someone's house for dinner, I bring one as a gift. We Italians never go anywhere empty-handed - and cutting boards go over WAY better than a bottle of wine!  

I even made one for my eye doctor!

Here's a terrific video about making very cool end grain board. If I can figure out how to make the stars without using a CNC machine, I think I will add this board into the class. 

Wanna make some cool stuff? There are only a few spots left in this class! It starts in about two weeks!

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Vegas Lupe said...

Wow! Love the American Flag cutting board video! I will definitely put that as a project in my bucket list. That is the perfect excuse to purchase a mini CNC router. Lol! Hell, I had to botch up a cabinet to have the excuse to buy a new saw that will hopefully fix it. The things I have to do to buy tools around here. Lol!