Thursday, March 05, 2015

Spring has sprung

 According to my educated guess, today is our last cold day of the year. 

Well, "cold" is a relative term - it's going to be 64˚ here today, and for us, that's a bit chilly. But after tomorrow... it's smooth sailing until we're begging for a break from the heat in August. 

Remember back in early February, when I blogged about starting our garden club? Here are some of the seedlings that are sprouting up at my house... 


spaghetti squash,


In fact, I've been getting photos of everyone else's plants - like Lupe's tomatoes,  

and Mel's tomatos. I have a feeling we're going to be crushed by an abundance of tomato plants this summer! 

In a couple of weeks, we'll get together and trade our plants - what a cool way to start a garden for just a few dollars! 

Meanwhile, I have a bit of a teaching break right now - I'm in-between classes and spending a little time trying to get my yard in shape. These nectarine blossoms are gorgeous right now, but in a week when they fall off, the ground will be covered with pink petals, which Stella loves to eat. 

She sure loves to get skanky while she plays! 

Hope Spring is on the way in your neighborhood!

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Vegas Lupe said...

OMG! Your dog is a sight for sore eyes... Hope you bathed the baby. Although she is a slightly cantankerous yet funny character, I do like Stella.