Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Look what you can become in three years and four months!

Damn, she's tenacious!


 adjective \tə-ˈnā-shəs\
: not easily stopped or pulled apart : firm or strong
: continuing for a long time
: very determined to do something

When Lupe puts her mind to something, it's probably best to step out of the way. Remember this series of twelve lectern tables she made (and sold!)?

Or this Cherry rocker? 

Or the Walnut bookcase? 

She even built this chair scooping jig ...

so she could make this stool - verrrrry cool!

And then there were these two Adirondack chairs she finished just a month ago, only to sell them (practically) before they were unloaded from her van!

Yes, she's determined to conquer woodworking, and I suspect that this last project she completed puts her in a new class designation - journeyman woodworker. I do believe she's no longer a rookie!

Check out this amazing sewing cabinet that she just completed, with a lift mechanism for the sewing machine. 

Here's what she wrote about the cabinet: 

This is my latest woodworking project, which I just finished this afternoon. This is a sewing machine table, and frankly, it took much longer than anticipated: Approximately 85 hours of work went into it. This is probably the most difficult piece of furniture I have ever made. Thank you to my woodworking sensei, Jamie Yocono, and the gang at Wood It Is for their support, laughter and beers!

For you geeks who like details, here are the specs:
Table measures: 36” long x 23” wide x 30 high.
When extended you have a working surface measuring 72” long x 23” wide.

Material: Solid cherry legs on cherry plywood carcass. Solid cherry tabletop, drawers and doors.

Main details: Continuity of the grain between the tabletops; half-blind dovetails on drawers; slat joints on doors to allow for expansion and contraction of the wood; minimal use of hardware on cabinet, except for an elevator system for the sewing machine; modified hinges to allow for a 180 degree opening.

Finish: Five coats of Watco Danish Oil with one coat of Watco Satin Wax. 

I'm exhausted just reading about it! I really have to congratulate Lupe and honor her for the fine work she's been producing from the shop. In the three short years she's been taking classes, she's moved from novice to big-time!

Just out of curiosity - I looked up in my school records when Lupe started taking classes -  it was in March, 2011. 

That just shows you how long it might take for you to transform your skills - three years, four months!


Vegas Lupe said...

Thank you for the good press, Jamie! Whew! I even feel tired when I think of all the projects I have done in the last few years. I do have a good teacher that puts up with me, though. ;)

Although I have accomplished a lot. There oh so much to learn - and so little time. I want to still turn spindles and make a chair, and do some veneering, bend wood, combine mediums (tile and wood, glass and wood, metal and wood), reproduce an antique, and even make that elusive Maloof style rocking chair that I've been thinking about. Is there any end to what one can do?

I look forward (and hope I can do) three more years of woodworking. It has been fun so far! :)

Julie @ followyourheartwoodworking said...

Amazing work by Lupe. Watch out Jamie, she just may take over your job!

Marti said...

Her work is wonderful. I love looking at woodworking art. Way out of my league.