Thursday, February 27, 2014

A cool video on creativity and skill

As if I don't love Ira Glass enough.... 

Here's a terrific two-minute pep talk about becoming better. At anything - woodworking, writing, whatever. I just love this, it pretty much sums things up for me. 

In the very early 90's, I decided to tackle table making. By that time, I'd only made a few, and didn't really feel that comfortable with what I'd made. So I started on sets of five. 

Every table I made was different. Some were tall and skinny. Others were short, some had tapered legs, some had legs I turned on the lathe. Whatever – I just wanted them all to be different. It helped me concentrate on form, technique, assembly - everything a woodworker needs to get better.

And you know what? About 25 tables later, I was pretty damn good at it. 

That's what it's about - practice.

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