Friday, November 08, 2013

A different kind of "over the top" Vegas


If you've never been to a Bass Pro Shop,

 then you're really missing something! 

Just walking up to the building, you know you're about to enter something special. 

It's hard to describe. But it's over-the-top,

 and fits perfectly in Las Vegas. A trout stream and palm trees? 

Only in Vegas!

 Once you enter, the sheer size of the store is overwhelming. There are stuffed animals everywhere, Including giraffes,




not to mention the giant fish tank, with a 4 foot catfish swimming around. I didn't stick around for the fishing demo, but I suspect it would have been interesting. 

Follow the footprints over to the housewares department, 

and you'll find everything you need for outfitting your cabin. Like these redneck party cups -

 a red Solo cup onto crystal base. 

(This would make a great Christmas gift for my brother-in-law!)

 These tacky paper towel holders really had me laughing,

And I loved these fish pillows!

And the fish mailboxes.

Some marketing genius dreamt up this redneck glassware collection, which is nothing more than mason jars.

Come to think of it, my brother-in-law probably knows a lot of people who use mason jars as drinking glasses!

Even the fixtures in the store are cool - like this gi-normous box wrench used for hanging clothes.

 Seriously, the housewares department is amazing! Lamps! Rugs! Almost anything a person could need... except for fireplace tools. Which I need.  :/

I don't completely understand the whole Duck Dynasty thing, but there sure was a lot of their stuff around.

For the record - I also don't "get" the whole "proud to be a redneck" thing. 

When you enter the fishing department you know you've entered someplace very special. Overhead - there are sculptures of fish everywhere. 

The ceiling is painted blue, and textured, to make you feel like you're walking on the ocean floor. Very cool!!! That's a shark headed right for me, down the middle of this picture. Awesome.

Toward the front of the store, there was a huge selection of food items - they had everything from barbecue sauces 

hot sauces,

to old-fashioned candies, chili mixes, 

 and everything in between.

Since it is Christmas season, there was a full line of ornaments. My sister would love these little antler ornaments.

I spent three hours trying on clothes, they have a great selection of Carhartt gear, and some really nice outdoor clothing. I hate shopping for clothes, but shopping in this environment didn't seem so bad.

On the way out, my hands weighted with bags of purchases, I noticed these two fish benches.

In the setting sun of a gorgeous weekend, this was a terrific way to spend a Sunday. 

And just for the record – no, I don't own Bass Pro Shop stock!

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John Frame said...

Hey those mason jar glasses are the best
For drinking moon shine.