Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Checking out the Las Vegas Wood Turners Show at the Summerlin library

Last week, I headed to the art gallery in the Summerlin library to check out the Las Vegas Wood Turners show.  

I'd never been to that library before, and finding it was a bit of a challenge. But I know one thing– I ended up at a couple of different gated communities, and the guards there who were giving me directions couldn't have been nicer. 

Kudos to Summerlin guards!

This sculpture greeted me, right as I pulled up to the library. Finding the gallery was easy.

The overall quality of the show was very nice, it's nice that the Wood Turners arranged this exhibition.  I really liked Don Finleys lidded boxes. His pieces are gorgeous.

Eckhard Fadtke's work was some of the best in the show – it was in a whole other universe, than some of the other work exhibited there, IMO. 

His segmented pieces were incredible.

What is it with guys and the balls? 

At the very first meeting of the LV Wood Turners group that I attended– they had a competition for turning balls. They were checking them for shape – whomever had a perfect sphere was going to win. And then they rolled their balls down a pathway,  to see which ball would roll the straightest. Everyone was walking around, feeling each others balls, and it was a very funny way to be introduced to the group.  

(I love first impressions like this!) 

Here's a bowl full of balls! 

My buddy, Ed Theissen, is getting better and better at turning. He's been going crazy with stacked Baltic Birch plywood, 

 practicing his form. Good for him!

More balls! 

I love this multiaxis turning by Christian Brisepierre, it's easy to see why he's an instructor here in town.

 This turning, of a woman's body, was amazing. It was only about 8 inches high, But I studied it for a long time – the form was exquisite.

The show doesn't close until December 8, so if you're in the area– I highly recommend you stopping by and checking out this work. And if you get lost - know that there are some security guards that will help guide you to the library. 

Nice work, guys!

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