Friday, August 30, 2013

A REALLY Cool Bicycle Park

My friend Susan sent me a link to this fascinating video

What a terrific idea for keeping our bikes safe, and also - keeping the streets free of clutter. 

Wonder what an "account" or membership costs? 

I did a little research - For students it costs 1,300 yen to park for a month and 1,800 yen for the rest of the folks.

Thanks to Google - I calculated this in dollars. For students - it's $13.25 a month, or $18.34 for the rest of us. 

Don't you just love the internet?

1 comment:

Vegas Lupe said...

That is really cool!
Only the Japanese would think of these electronic marvels. Japan is the land of the fastest and most clever electronic gadgets one could ever see.
Regards, Lupe

PS. I am forwarding the link to my buddy Lisa from Biking Las Vegas. I know she will also get a kick out of this.