Sunday, June 02, 2013

The Woodworking Antidepressant Solution

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brian said...

the raising and lowering on my 2040 makita is stuck at 2in- had this unit since 85 and love it-it has gradually become more difficult and now I only get a half turn until it jams-gears under look ok, tubes are in good shape -put penetrating fluid around the top of the tubes to try and free it up still no luck ---any ideas comments


Wood It Is! said...

Mine used to become stuck at a certain place too - it was an alignment issue with the bed and the four posts on which that is mounted. I'd check that first.. and then check the gear underneath, sometimes that gear binds up with debris. Try some grease. But I think it's an alignment issue - maybe the bed it sitting ever so slightly crooked on the four posts.