Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A nifty little finish for you to make...

Two months ago, at our Sin City Woodworkers meeting, a new fellow brought an amazing table.  The top was a walnut burl, and he'd taken great care to flatten, sand and finish it. Just about everyone in the room had to touch the burl top - it was so gorgeous, we could barely keep our hands off of it. 

The finish on it was amazing - smooth and soft, without any sheen. When quizzed about what he used on the wood -  he explained that he's used a mixture of beeswax, oil and turpentine. 

Of course - a lively discussion ensued about custom blends of finishes - almost every woodworker I know makes his own custom blend. I've never loved the one I've mixed up - it uses turpentine and it's too smelly for my taste. 

Later - one of the members sent me a link to this video. That's one of the great things about this woodworking group - there's always a woodworking tip to be shared, or a technique to be demonstrated. Awesome. 

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