Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Resource Furniture

This furniture is amazing. 

I can barely wrap my head around some of these pieces, like the Murphy beds that come out of the wall - with perfect balance. Crazy engineering!

Check out the green desk at the 3:15 minute mark. I totally want one of those in my office at work! Imagine how well those would work in college dorm rooms.

Not to sound corny, but when I see pieces like this - it makes me want to up-my-game in terms of dual functionality. I love the dual purpose of all these pieces.

Add to it - a lifetime warranty - I'm sold. 

Except for the upholstered couches and two Thomas Moser stools - I built every piece of furniture in my home. But - I would totally make an exception and be willing to share my home with one or two of these pieces. 

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