Saturday, April 28, 2012

My 2012 Gardening update

It is amazing how quickly things start growing here in the desert, especially after a little rain.

The roma and cherry tomatoes are going to ripen any day now. Last summer, the tomato crop was poor - this year? Wow.

These peppers went from this

to this

to (finally) this.

My buddy AJ loaned me a book on desert gardening, and it recommended that I thin out the nectarine tree. So I picked 50% of the fruit from the tree - which still left a lot of jewels on the branches.

This is the first time I've tried growing lettuce - and these three plants did so well,

I planted three more varieties.

Grow your own spring mix? Totally awesome!

Come July, I may be sorry I put in several zucchini plants.

But the bitter sweet story of the season is about the artichokes. They're growing like weeds, almost too many to count -

but are infested with aphids. I spray the plants with Neem every other day, but the aphids are winning.

The tip about spraying your aphids with soapy water is a joke - they just hop right back onto the leaves when you turn your back.


I am not sure what is worse - letting the aphids have their way with the plants, or eating an insecticide laden artichoke.

Ever had success with Safer soap? Me, neither.

I'm close to chopping them all down; aphids are just disgusting. Way worse than hornworms, and you know how nasty those bad boys are.

Finally - speaking of growing like a weed - check out Stella's summer cut. She went wearing from this mop

to this.

I love our groomer, MJ.

Hard to believe this is the same girl!

Here is a little classic Stella moment for you...

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Vegas Lupe said...

You have a very, very nice garden, Jamie! To hell with the aphids, though...I hate those. Last year, after a few windstorms, we had an aphid infestation all over our roses. A landscaper friend told me about Sevin. This year, before we left town for a couple of weeks, I sprayed all our roses with it as a preventative, since we were not going to be here to monitor them. Guess what? No stinking aphids upon our return. Hah!! :-D

Have not tried that stuff on veggies, though. There are mixed opinions about it in gardening websites.

I am in love with Stella, though...She looks so cute after her haircut...And she can be as temperamental as her mom! ;-)

See you around!