Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Trestle table base

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about making this Mahogany trestle table base. It was a gorgeous design, and it finally went together this past weekend. I felt like this was a very successful piece - and based on the comments from others wandering through my shop, they did, too.

The table top was a massive lamination - a 2 1/4" thick slab of African Mahogany that the clients procured from someone in their family. Seriously, we could barely move the top from their truck to my workbench.

When making a table base, I always leave easily accessible holes on them, in order to mount the base to the top. In this case, as I was attaching the base to the top, I hit something hard - possibly a piece on metal within the slab. There wasn't any screw that was going to penetrate it!

My clients promised to send a photo of the table, once it is in their home. Photos like that are always great to received - it's nice to know how the pieces I build look in place.

Meanwhile, I liked this design so much, I think I am going to build a similar version for the dining table that I'm building for my home. The ash top - four feet by seven feet - is already made, and I've got some designs rolling around in my brain. This is going to be interesting!

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Bobbie ; ) said...

Simply elegant! Oh and beautiful too, it turned out gorgeous, great job Jamie!