Monday, June 13, 2011

Mutant Zucchini - help

Didja wonder where I've been? There's a crisis brewing over here, specifically in my garden, where I've become overrun by mutant zucchini, sprouting up everywhere.

Why on earth didn't anyone caution me about planting so many plants?

All it really takes is this

and this.

Now they're growing like weeds.

If I let a day pass without picking some, they grow three or four inches overnight.

Honestly, I need to pull out a tape measure and see how much they grow in a 24 hour period.

It. Is. Unbelievable.

These pictures were all taken on different plants, all over the yard. It's just a guess, but there may be 15 pounds of zucchini that need to be picked. Today.

So I need some help here. Anyone have any great recipes? Not just so-so recipes, I'm talking about your all-time favorite zucchini recipe. Your "go-to" dish, that's easy, doesn't need 300 ingredients, and freezes well. The freezer is already stocked with way more quiche than one person can handle, and I'm not a huge lover of zucchini bread, so anything other than those two recipes would be greatly appreciated!

Next garden crisis - nectarines are going to be out of control soon.


Rob said...

1) i'm massively jealous.. if i was still in Vegas I'd take some of those off your hands if needed

2) i'll send you a recipe for lasagna soup that was given to us. uses a good amount of zucchini and it freezes nicely for on a cold day!

Allison said...

also massively jealous!

i told you i've never had great luck, so this year i planted 12 zuc plants.... TWELVE. all over the yard. and i think i've gotten a total of 7 ugly stubby little zuc's. and half of my plants are tiny and droopy. i've got good soil, lots of sun... what's your secret?

are you on a dripper? what times a day do water?

help me need help too! :-)

Stix said...

I've got a recipe for you! Ever hear of zucchini pie? Tastes just like apple pie and i promise you no one will ever know! Great recipe to use for the larger zucchini's in the garden.