Wednesday, May 11, 2011

An extended mother's day

This has been a week of "mom time," spent visiting my mom (and family) for Mother's Day. That's always a trip down memory lane. Well, OK, it's just a trip.

Who else kept all of my woodworking projects, good and bad? MOM!

Here's the first cutting board I ever made. A looooooooonnnnng time ago. I'm not even going to mention the year (1974) I made it. But suffice it to say - it's embarrassing.

Still, she won't give it up.

Worse yet, here is the second piece I made. A really funky wine rack,

with little pegged joints. Ambitious, when you're a 15 year old.

For the next project, I tried a cutting board with a sculpted handle and small feet, which raised the board up a bit. This appears to be my mom's "go-to" board, even today.

Luckily, I think my boards have gotten much more creative through the years.

I joke that most of my family and friends beg me to quit giving them cutting boards. Seriously, you ask for one, I'll give you a half dozen. Here's the latest one I just gave to my mom - not that she asked for it.

I made it with the hope that she'd toss out that funky one, the first one I made. But knowing her, she'll hang onto it for another 37 years.

Hope you had a great week, mom! I know I did! (And I probably gained ten pounds, too.)

Heading home tomorrow, and back to the shop.

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