Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not yo' mama's typical serving dish

Watching other people make something in wood makes me antsy. I'd rather be doing it myself, you know? That's why I can barely sit through one of Norm's New Yankee Workshop episodes. Sorry Norm!

This project hopefully will replace those funky, segmented serving platters that everyone's mother owns.

A description of how it was made was posted on Lumberjocks by a fellow up north named Chad. Watching someone else make it is a pretty great way to learn how to do it yourself. And - if you're not familiar with LumberJocks, you must check out the site.

Great pictures, and very nice explanation of all the techniques. When we make cutting boards in the Basic Woodworking classes, a lot of students ask about putting in a gravy "moat" around the perimeter of their board. Some have done it, but for the novice, it's a little challenging.

Using core box or
bowl and tray bits, can be tricky, and if you burn the wood, you're going to have some serious sanding to do. You all know how I feel about sanding, right?

But this fellow's post makes me want to dig out some Walnut and get to work! Nice work, Chad!

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