Monday, July 12, 2010

This weekend was all about maintenance and cleaning. Classes start up again tonight, and the woodshop was a mess. Although it's not very glamorous, someone has to clean the bathroom and vacuum out the tablesaw cabinet.

And like almost every woodworker I know, I have more than a few projects sitting around, in various stages of completion. One was a base for one of my filing cabinet benches; the pieces had been cut six months ago, and - truth is - I just got tired of seeing them sitting on a shelf, collecting dust.

This was a perfect time to pull out the Domino and get the base assembled.

In the past, I've used mortise and tenons. Machining those would have taken me about and hour and a half.

With the Domino - maybe fifteen minutes, and that includes figuring out the metric equivalent to inches. (Note to self: make a sample board of the various height settings on the Domino, so I don't have to struggle with this every time.)

As my buddy Phil would say - Bing, Bang, Boom - and it's ready to assemble.

Next project - tearing apart the drill press.

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