Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Third meeting of the Sin City Woodworkers

The third meeting of Sin City Woodworkers was special for a couple of reasons - it was our first get together in a while, since we'd skipped an April meeting, due to a lack of venue. Since my new studio is close to being operational, we held it there. And had the swamp cooler been working properly in both rooms, all would have been perfect. Alas, we were only 50% cooled.

Still, it was a very nice get together.

John Eugster gave a very informative demo on making custom profile cutters and making scratch stock. John is a consummate professional, with efficient and graceful movement while performing his craft. He's a joy to watch.

We discussed a few things important to maintaining a group - including setting our dues ($20 a year) and choosing a permanent night for our meetings. We chose the third Wednesday of each month for our meetings, which means our next one will be held on June 17.

Other topics includes a future "garage sale" of woodworking tools and accessories, as well as formally adopting the name "Sin City Woodworkers". See, someone had raised an objection about the name, and wanted to discuss it further.

Here's my tip when you raise an objection - be there to discuss it. As it turned out, it was a non issue because everyone seemed pretty happy with the moniker, and chose to blow off the one dissenting opinion.

I'll be posting something shortly about the classes that I announced - I've started registering people for classes starting in just two weeks. Stay tuned...

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Sister Creek Potter said...

Jamie, It seems that you are off and running! Sounds great. Congratulations. Gay Judson