Monday, February 23, 2009

My latest distraction...

Sleep is overrated.

Anyone with children or puppies knows this is true.

I've been up the last couple of nights, with a new addition to the family - Ruthie.

She's entirely adorable, less than five pounds, and fully of that insane puppy energy. Keeping an eye on her (so that she doesn't destroy the house) is a full-time job.

She's exploring every nook of the house, and apparently approves of all the wooden furniture in the house. I'll sand that little bite mark out later.

In the photo below, she just noticed my camera, and decided to take a bite out of it after this picture was taken.

The good news is - one of my other dogs slept with her last night and all was quiet... a major breakthrough in puppy training!

The best part - we're pretty diligent about our housebreaking training, and she hasn't had a single accident in the house.

Knock on wood.

I'll be heading out to my studio in a bit, but it's awfully hard to tear myself away from her. If I could only harness her energy and teach her how to sand, I'd be really happy.

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