Saturday, November 01, 2008

Saturday morning flea market

When people think of Las Vegas, most envision gambling, glitzy casinos, and buffets for days. Sure, that's a huge part of this city. But on of the things I really enjoy is going to my local flea market on a Saturday morning. It's a peek into the grittier side of this city.

When we were on our way to the flea market, we drove near Nellis Air Force base, and a giant unmarked dark gray plane soared overhead. Later I heard Barack Obama was in town, at a campaign stop in Henderson. I've seen Air Force One (or is it Two or Three now?) overhead a few times, accompanied by fighter jets off each wing. It's an odd sight.

Anyway, this particular flea market has a hispanic flavor, with a hint of asian thrown in - it's like the UN, only dirty. You'll see everything under the sun - and most "for sale" signs are in Spanish, of which I am not fluent. And if I were a paranoid sort, I would almost think that some of the vendors are thinking - what does she want with that air chisel, that box of pocket knives, or that jar of rusty router bits?

I'm always searching for obscure tools and machinery parts, but there's a huge variety of everything under the sun - from clothing to car parts, furniture to fruit stands, and way more. It's not a good environment if you're a clean freak, but if you're open to tasting a different side of the city, it's very cool.

(Double click on any of these images if you'd like a larger view of it.)

Here's one of the first things you'll see walking in the gate. I think of J-Lo every time I see these.

You never know what you're going to find.

I haven't worn a bra since 1976, so I have no idea if this is a good deal or not.

Need a vest?

Who puts tires on their car for just two weeks?

A peanut vendor.

I usually go with a friend, who has a similar sense of the absurd as I do. We find ourselves looking at the same oddball items. Some of the things were just so bizarre. I had to shoot small videos for you to get the true flavor of the market.

I'm guessing the reason this item was so popular is because of Halloween...

This booth had row after row of trinkets, Buddahs, and Chinese New Year stuff - try not to notice my finger in the right side of the movie below. I was juggling a couple of bags of "must have" crap, all while trying to hold the camera steady. Oh -and at the end of this clip - tell me this....

What's a lucky money fog?

I just love these, I wish I'd have picked one up for my dashboard.

What do you think ever happened to Sadie?

I almost bought this for my cousin, Dan Sutter , because I thought that was his name written on this. (I thought - How did his mitt get here?) Then I realized it's probably Don Sutton.


My friend bought one of these handmade hats, they were actually very nice. I wish I'd have taken a photo of him wearing it.

This framed poster seemed to be getting a lot of attention. I think a few of these guys are currently doing commentary on Fox News.

I'm pretty sure I have a drawer at home that looks like this.

I don't have anything nice to say about this.

Ouch, Neil Diamond in the 25 cent bin.

The next time I need a baby shower gift, I know where I'm shopping.

This booth was actually quite fascinating, full of old clocks, watches, knives and miscellaneous junk. I was SO TEMPTED to buy this fork and knife. You never know when you might need them.

This magazine below might be the creepiest find of the day. Dated November, 1951, it's a magazine called "Stars of Tomorrow" and provides tips for entering your daughters into beauty pageants. Makes me think of Jon Benet Ramsey, and want to barf.

How did this wedding picture end up here? Am I the only person who gets a little sad when I see stuff like this?

My favorite find of the day - a 1937 photograph of Mrs. Kanner's Pajama party. I got home and realized that I should have bought this. I know someone with the last name Kanner, and I think she would have gotten a kick out it.

Another great photo.

And finally, who tries to sell a half-knit sweater?


Forever Foxed said...

I also love visiting flea markets. You never know what treasures you're going to find. Neil Diamond in the discount bin? Ouch indeed! J

Anonymous said...

You're flea market looks much more interesting than the one here. Its probably a good thing I don't live closer! heheheh