Saturday, September 20, 2008

Custom Cabinetry

***Blogger is acting weird this morning, for some reason, the links aren't highlighted. I did the best I could to show the links.

There's an article about custom cabinetry in yesterday's edition of the San Francisco Chronicle. I'm a bit of a news junkie, and scan a half dozen or so papers every morning.
This story (click here) caught my eye today.

This image of a custom unit (click here) next to a stairway is incredible, what a fabulous use of the space.

I was going to try and post a couple of pictures of some interesting built-in cabinets that I've built, but unfortunately, I couldn't find images of them. It's difficult to take pictures of built-ins, sometimes the lighting isn't good, or there is too much background clutter in the way. So - for now, this article will have to do.

More later, finishing up a couple of small projects today.

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Earl and Vickie said...

Yeah the links work though. Those cabinets in the stairs are really nice.