Thursday, August 28, 2008

Heat alert for Las Vegas

Don't worry, everything's OK.

It's just that we're in the dog days of summer here. While everyone else in the country is starting to cool down, we had a heat alert today. I was running some errands this afternoon and the thermometer in my van said 114˚.

The weather here is lovely about ten months out of the year, but some days... well, you just wish for a cool wave to blow in. I want to wear long pants again. I want to put on a pot of soup and fog up the windows. I want to see some snow... no, wait... I'm not that crazy.

Still, it's brutal right now, as you can see.

I've been working on a few interesting projects, but mostly, I'm just trying to stay hydrated and out the the flightpath of our nearby airport. We've had two different small airplanes crash in our neighborhood this week.

It's never boring here in Las Vegas.

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