Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What is wrong with this story?

Look, I'm not the outdoor-sy type, not even close. I don't even try to fake it. So camping out in the wilderness isn't something you'd find me doing ever. Notinamillionyears ever.

I've done it twice, which was two times too many.

But even I know that when you're camping, you're supposed to not leave food around for wild animals to find. The only thought worse than sleeping in a bag on a bed of dirt would be looking up to see a bear in your face, trying to figure out why you're there.

So this story in the San Francisco Chronicle caught my eye, if for no other reason than the cruelty of it. If they could get close enough to shoot it, couldn't they have simply tranquilized it?

As one person commented... more idiots with guns.

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